Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin

"Rachel Hill is an exceptionally quallifed individual, driven by a passion for justice. She will make the smart decisions necessary to protect our community and help stop the revolving door at the jail. She is by far the best candidate and I am proud to endorse her as our next Superior Court Judge."

Hon. Oliver W. Wanger

“Rachel Hill will make an outstanding judge and will be a credit to the interests of justice”


"Rachel has a strong work ethic and the highest integrity. An independent thinker who is able to make the hard decisions and do what is right."


"Rachel is totally committed to the rule of law..."

Clovis Mayor Lynne Ashbeck

"She's smart, fair and has the highest integrity. She is far and away the best candidate for Superior Court Judge"

Al Smith, President and CEO

"She is both TOUGH and FAIR and UNIQUELY QUALIFIED to be our next judge."


"She is the one candidate you can trust to help protect our jobs and our community."


"Please help us and more Fresno Judges than any other candidate, elect Rachel Hill on June 3rd."

Also supported by:

The Fresno Bee

"Hill's extensive experience is an excellent foundation for becoming a judge."

"She has practiced civil law, worked for more than 10 years in the Fresno County DA's office, defended indigent clients, represented law enforcement officers and agencies, and taught law. She is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame Law School."

Rod & Susan Anderson

"We need judges that are strong, decisive and fair. Perhaps as important we need judges that understand our community and share our values. That’s why we are supporting Rachel Hill for Superior Court Judge, we hope you will too."

James Scoggins, Vice President,
Fresno Firefighters

"Rachel Hill is a person of intelligence and integrity. She will work hard to keep our community safe. Please help us elect her on June 3."

Alan Autry, Former Fresno Mayor

"Rachel Hill will make an outstanding judge!"